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Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris
Go-Karting Tour in Marmarisp
Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris

Go-Karting Tour in Marmaris


A go-karting trip in Marmaris is one of the most thrilling activities to do there. You'll be able to drive 20 laps on our new top-notch go-karts, and you'll feel like you're standing above the world. Go Karting at Marmaris is a fantastic method to spend some time having fun.

Our karting experiences are a lot of fun for individuals and groups, from beginners to experts and seasoned karting drivers. If you're looking for something to make different your holiday in Marmaris, our Marmaris Go Kart facility is the place to go.

For those who aren't familiar with the term, go-karting is a type of motorized vehicle racing in which two or more drivers race around a track on tiny, firm, double-seated vehicles capable of reaching 60 mph, and professional racers can reach speeds up to 100 mph. It may appear hazardous or at least dangerous, but it's quite safe and exciting.

We welcome everyone to go-kart riding because there is no need for permits or other authorizations. Our go-kart track is well guarded and secured, ensuring that our go-kart expeditions are both kid-friendly and safe.

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Marmaris Go Karting

If you decide to try your hand at go-karting with us, we'd be delighted if you let us describe in further detail what our package entails. One of our drivers will pick you up from your accommodation and transport you there on the way to the Marmaris Go-Karting Center.

During this period, a team of guides will look after you at the Marmaris Go-Karting Center. You may go alone or bring a friend to compete with you. Be bold and try something new; we'll be there for you to help make your trip special.

Tour Program

The Go-Karting course comprises three sessions: basic, intermediate, and advanced. The first session is a free introduction to go-kart racing for new drivers in which they learn the necessary techniques and essential safety guidelines. We'll teach you how to get started on your driving adventure with our licensed instructors, who will meet you at the oval and give a brief overview of the fundamentals of go-kart racing. This briefing will cover what you need to know about your automobile and its controls, as well as some important safety precautions that must be followed.

Go karting start

Each go-karting session is made up of 20 go-karting laps. If you perform them at a moderate speed, you might finish them in 15 to 20 minutes. The typical speed is 40 to 60 km/h, with experts capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h. During your trip, our professional staff will be with you at all times, ensuring that your safety comes first.

See your picture

A professional photographer will be capturing some amazing photographs and videos while we're on our trip. You'll also have the opportunity to go on an exciting journey after the tour, where you'll get the chance to purchase a DVD with your adventure on it. This is a wonderful approach to keep your memories as vivid as possible and share them with friends.

Return to hotel

When your karting session is finished, our driver will be there to return you to your hotel in Marmaris.

Marmaris Karting lasts about two hours. This trip comes with two-way transportation from and to your hotel. A fully air-conditioned, comfortable vehicle will pick you up from your hotel on a predetermined day at the agreed time. You'll be driven for a short distance towards the go-karting centre before getting out of the car. The package price includes not only the activity but also an in-depth briefing by an English-speaking karting instructor. The cost also includes full insurance and equipment. Please note that food, beverages, gratuities, and other personal expenses are not included in the package price.

- This excursion is also a fantastic opportunity for your visitors to join in as guests. There is no additional cost if they want to watch you go-karting with you.

- There is no need for prior expertise or a driver's license.

- An adult must accompany children under the age of 12.

- A camera, comfortable clothing, and sunscreen are recommended.