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Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip
Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip

Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip


An all-inclusive day-long cruise on the picturesque Emerald Aegean Sea with Marmaris' stop is a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive holiday that allows you to unwind and relax. This magnificent excursion has everything you need to have a worry-free, enjoyable experience. There's a shuttle from your hotel in Marmaris, as well as delicious lunch and various soft drinks and beverages.

You'll be able to explore some of the beautiful Aegean islands known for their stunning natural beauty, rich cultural history, and fascinating historical information. Hisaronu Bay is a picturesque Orhaniye village that welcomes visitors with pleasant visits.

Because of a one-of-a-kind natural occurrence that draws tourists from all around the world, Orhaniye is well-known. One sandy beach on either side of the big sand wall that separates this gorgeous gulf into two halves is now known as Jesus beach after being breached by it.

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Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip

The Rabbit Island is a very beautiful little island characterized by its unique ecosystem. We'll take a swim break at the Selimiye beach after that. Everything is breathtakingly lovely and lushly green around this bay. Another dip will be had on Kamelya Island. This stay will go on longer since we'll be having our BBQ lunch there as well. The lovely island is also known for its ancient Greek monastery, established in 562 BC. We'll have a swim break at the Rabbit Island afterward, where you may feed rabbits and capture some incredible photos of these adorable animals in their natural habitat.

And after, we will reach Dislice (Toothy) Island, formerly known as Lovers' Island due to its distinctive form of volcanic rock. We'll rest again in Aquarium Bay before going to Jesus Beach, recognized for its stunning beauty.

After the trip is finished, visitors will return to their hotels in Marmaris. Please reserve your place on this one-of-a-kind journey and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with us.

Tour Program

The cruise to the Aegean Islands begins at 9:30 a.m. The journey will be approx an hour and a half each way. After collecting our guests from their accommodations, we will transport them for 30 minutes in a warm van to Orhaniye, where the traditional Turkish boat will be waiting to take them on another adventure.

Hidden bay Selimiye

At Selimiye, you'll find a hidden bay that's only accessible by boat. The serenity and spellbinding untouched countryside are the main features of this lovely location, so we'll spend 30 minutes here so you can enjoy it.

Kamelya Island

Kamelya Island is home to an ancient Greek monastery, attracting numerous tourists who tie ribbons and pray for their wishes to come true. The surrounding aquamarine sea only enhances the beautiful island's breathtaking beauty. After a one-hour swim break, we'll take a lunch break before continuing our journey.

Rabbit Island

Our next destination is the lovely little island called Rabbit Island. It got its name because of the number of rabbits that live there. Here, we'll take a 10-minute rest, allowing you to make some fantastic camera shots.

Toothy Rock

Tooty Rock is a little island formed by a collection of volcanic rocks that stick up from the ocean. The overall appearance is that of rows of teeth. We'll take a 30-minute swim break here to rejuvenate ourselves.

Aquarium Bay

The name "Aquarium Bay" comes from its waters are so pure. The water here is so clear that it looks like you're viewing an aquarium. Swimming will last approximately 30 minutes at this location.

Jesus Beach

Our last rest stop before heading back. Here, you'll have a 30-minute long break, during which you may stroll along a sandy barrier that divides the gulf into two distinct ecosystems.

Return to Marmaris

Our shuttles will return you to your accommodation following the Marmaris Aegean Islands Boat Trip. This transfer is complimentary since it is included in the price of the journey.

- Towels, Sun Creams, Sunglasses, Swimming costumes, and Shoes or Sneakers that are acceptable for use in the water are all permitted.

- There are vegetarian meals available for lunch. Please let us know when you make your reservation.

- A bar and outside showers are available on our pleasant boat.

- You're welcome to bring your own snorkeling equipment if you wish.