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Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Planep
Marmaris Beach Plane

Marmaris Beach Plane


Take in the breathtaking Marmaris Beach Plane tour and views of Marmaris's coast, which fly over the ancient castle and Icmeler's gorgeous beaches. Follow the beautiful picturesque jewel blue shorelines as you explore beautiful bays that seem like paradise from above. Selimiye's bays are visible from above, which is a magnificent sight.

This famed aircraft offers a one-of-a-kind experience with breathtaking views taken on the 360-degree camera (see video below), giving you a complete 360 degrees view. Your highly experienced pilot is at your disposal to provide the greatest level of safety possible. You may also meet specific needs while aboard this magnificent plane! Don't pass up the opportunity to board this wonderful plane!

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Marmaris Beach Plane tour have 2 different options:

- Standart Beach Plane Tour

- Premium Beach Plane Tour

Standart Beach Plane Tour (20min)

Route 1: Take a look at the beautiful sandy blue flag beach of Turunç, then soar over to the moon-shaped Kumlubuk bay with its long and sandy beaches. Kadirga Bay, another popular stop for tourist boats, hosts scuba photo contests. It has steep rocks with tall platforms for cliff diving that provide spectacular views.

Route 2: After a short flight over the sea to Turunc, we turn around and head back. Behind Çiftlikkoy is "Yalancı Bogaz," where you may see the enormous Yacht Marina shipyard with tree-made Gullets. Paradise Island may be seen from the front, and you may also get a spectacular view of Marmaris as a whole.

Premium Beach Plane Tour (40min)

Discover seaside resorts that seem like ideal paradises along with the beautiful jewel blue coast. Take an excursion to Orhaniye's lovely Kizkumu beach, where holidaymakers stroll amid the sea. Take in the breathtaking view of Selimiye Bay.


We are excited to announce the new top-of-the-line MTOnautic Gyroplane, which has been put into service. It's been dubbed the "BEACH PLANE," and there are only 20 of them in the world. With a brand new 915 Rotax engine with high tech, high-performance design, it is a first of its kind and has generated a lot of attention.

With a cruising speed of 100 kilometers per hour, a flight duration of 2.5 hours, and an altitude of up to 9,000 feet, this stunt experience truly delivers on its name, "ultimate journey." Marmaris now has a new vantage point in the sky due to it.

AutoGyro Germany is the global leader in gyroplanes, with MTOnautic being the world's most popular float gyroplane developer and manufacturer. Since its creation in 1999, the gyroplane specialists at AutoGyro have been steadily growing, currently including 100 highly trained experts and engineers. AutoGyry has been producing gyros in batches since 2007, with the ability to build one Gyroplane every day. With representatives worldwide, AutoGyry aspires to bring worldwide enjoyment of flight in a secure and versatile manner.


Sam Sinan Yilmaz, a native Australian with more than 23 years of flight experience, began his career as a pilot in Australia. He was born and educated in Australia, where he completed his training before starting his profession as a pilot. He relocated to the United Arab Emirates and worked for high-ranking government officials as a pilot. Later, he became an Emirates Airlines Captain on the Boeing 777 before moving to Turkish Airlines later. Sam has 15,000 hours of flying time aboard a Boeing 777. He lives in Marmaris, Turkey, and is the only gyroplane (beach plane) owner in Turkey.

Certificates & Licences:

EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence

B777/787 type rating (currently active)

Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Licence

Ultralight Pilot Licence

Radiotelephony Licence

Amateur Seaman’s Boat Certificate

- Customers should notify the airline if they have a medical condition that would prevent them from flying.

- The weather must be suitable for aircraft to fly. Because of the restrictions imposed by aviation.

- A passenger's weight must not exceed 100 kg.

- Minimal age 12 years old with parental permission