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Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safari
Marmaris Horse Safarip
Marmaris Horse Safari

Marmaris Horse Safari


We have the ideal bargain for you if you wish to spend some quality time away from the city buzz and noise and if you're seeking new activities and experiences. Our Marmaris Horse Riding Trip provides all of the excitement and calms you could want during your holiday.

The Marmaris horse riding excursion starts with a free hotel pickup in Marmaris and a 20-minute drive into the region. It's an excellent opportunity to know Marmaris's beautiful natural environment.

All you need is a willingness to learn about horses and an open mind. You don't have to have any prior experience with horses to participate. All of our horses are well-trained, pleasant with people, and well-mannered. Your safety is our top concern, which is why we only employ the best and most competent horsemen on our team. They will provide you with all the assistance, guidelines, and answers you may require while traveling with us. When traveling with us, we want you to feel confident and comfortable. Please bring some old clothes and shoes with you, or hire a pair at the ranch, if you decide to go on our horse trek.

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Marmaris Horse Riding Tour

Your family and friends are welcome to join you at the ranch, though they do not have to ride horses. They may relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the breathtaking scenery.

After our tour, our driver will take you back to your hotel in Marmaris. Children between the ages of 8 and 11 are allowed to ride horses without their parents' permission if they have been authorized for such activities by a trainer. Solo riding is permitted for children over eight with all required licenses and experience as long as a responsible adult accompanies them.

Tour Program

We begin this lovely and daring trip with a free transfer from your accommodation in Marmaris to the horse ranch on the green outskirts of town. This gorgeous ranch is only 20 minutes from Marmaris by car. Our horseback riding experts and guides will provide you with some easy instructions regarding the Marmaris Horse Riding Trip once you've arrived.

Meeting with Your New Friends

Horses are well-trained and obedient, accustomed to human interaction. They're proud and lovable creatures who are nice and docile. You'll get to know these wonderful animals as well as the one that's ideal for you.

Horse Riding Beginning

After you've collected all of the equipment you'll need and have been taught how to use it, the fun can begin. This lovely region will take you through forests, meadows, and riverbeds. Our instructors will be closely observed and monitored, so you don't have to worry about your safety.

Pictures & Photos

You've never experienced anything like this trip, and you'll want to film it for posterity. We hired a professional photographer to shoot photographs and video throughout the journey because you will be too engaged in enjoyment. You'll be able to purchase your favorite pictures and videos after the trip is finished.

Transfer Back to the Hotel

When your Marmaris Horse Riding Tour is finished, your driver will return you to your hotel in Marmaris. This accommodation transfer is also free of charge.

· Horseback riding is not advised for people weighing more than 110 kg or with limited mobility or health issues. Pregnant women should avoid this excursion.

· Your visitors may also pay to join this trip as a tourist to observe your horseback riding for an additional fee.

• Remember to bring comfortable shoes, seasonal clothing, and sunglasses.

· A child under the age of eight must ride with one of their family members if they want to ride a horse.

• Comfortable Shoes, Sunglasses, Camera, Sun Cream,