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Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmarisp
Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris

Paragliding in Fethiye from Marmaris


Are you seeking a method to make your stay in Marmaris unique? You may participate in one of the most exciting activities in the area while seeing Turkey's beauty on our Marmaris Paragliding Trip. This one-of-a-kind trip allows you to experience what it feels like to fly and see Oludeniz's lovely town from above.

The paragliding experience begins as soon as you set out in pursuit of the cliff's edge. You won't know what to expect, but you'll begin flying through the air. At first, paragliding may provide excitement and a distinctive combination of emotions. Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful bays in Turkey, and it's well worth a visit. It's an experience you shouldn't miss. You may anticipate observing a lovely sea, boats, and verdant vegetation during the flight.

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Paragliding Fethiye From Marmaris Turkey

Our Marmaris Paragliding Tour is open all summer. A smooth transfer from your hotel in Marmaris will take you to Fethiye. After arrival at the paragliding flight station, an informative session begins. Experienced and appropriately trained paragliding instructors will go through all of the information necessary to begin this sport. The instructors will also go over safety precautions and distribute any required safety equipment for the activity.

In actuality, paragliding begins on the hill just above the bay at the height of 2000 meters above sea level. Your journey will be unforgettable due to the stunning views and serenity of flight. The trip is expected to last 30 minutes, but this can vary depending on the weather.

At the time of entry, you'll select a landing mode. You'll stay in this mode until you land safely at Oludeniz. One of the benefits of this trip is that an expert instructor will be in command throughout the flight to take photographs and videos of you. When you touch down and return to the paragliding station, you may look through photos from the flight for a fee. You can also buy them aftermarket if you wish to keep your memories forever.

After your journey, you'll be returned to your Marmaris accommodation in a completely air-conditioned and pleasant vehicle. This magnificent and exciting adventure will come to an end as you return home, with great memories and bursts of excitement.

Tour Program

Paragliding in Marmaris is one of the most exciting things to do on your holiday. If you want a unique method to avoid crowds, Fethiye Paragliding from Marmaris is an excellent choice. From above, admire the beautiful beauty of Blue Lagoon and fill yourself with great sentiments, then get your adrenaline going by continuing on vacation.

Free Transfer

The Blue Sky Paragliding Tour of Marmaris is available all summer. You will be collected from your hotel in Marmaris on time by a contemporary and comfortable van. Our employees will transport you to Fethiye, home to one of the world's largest paragliding flight stations, in our vehicle.


Before taking off, it's critical to have an introductory session. The instructor will discuss the flight, safety measures, and equipment with you during this session. After that, he'll put his equipment on you and get ready for takeoff.

Views over Blue Lagoon

Paragliding begins as soon as you reach the edge of the cliff. After a few meters, you will be airborne for the first time, experiencing an adrenaline rush. This paragliding excursion takes you over Blue Lagoon in Fethiye. The bay is one of the most popular in the region due to its lovely natural features and unpolluted environment. You may encounter some of the most spectacular vistas on your journey. In reality, these views will relax you while also increasing your enthusiasm and self-assurance. Paragliding is one of the most fun and thrilling activities available in the region.

Duration of the flight

The Marmaris Fethiye Paragliding trip is a thrilling way to see the beauty of Oludeniz Fethiye. Almost 30 minutes are spent in the air, enabling you to view the lovely Oludeniz region. Weather conditions and wind direction influence the length of the flight.

Photos & Videos

The instructor will take pictures and videos of you during the flight. You can check out these great pictures or buy them for an additional fee if you like after returning to the paragliding flight station after your trip.


After the flight, you'll return to the paragliding base. You will be picked up by a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle that will take you back to your hotel. When you arrive at your hotel in Marmaris, the adventure is over with stunning memories in the air.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel


• Hotel Transport

• 2 Hours Free Time at Blue Lagoon

• Full insurance

• Lunch

· Please be advised that Marmaris paragliding flights might be canceled due to bad weather. In this situation, your flight is canceled, and you will receive a full refund, or we may re-schedule it for the next available date.

· It is more advisable to wear comfortable, sturdy, and comfy clothing. A pair of shoes or boots, sunglasses, and a water bottle is necessary.

· Your visitors will be delighted to have a look at your paraglide for a modest additional fee from the top.

· The weather determines the duration of the flight.